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Out of interest – DIY Temperature Controlled Solder Station

Over the past couple of weeks, another bit of hardware experimentation has been wrapped up. In order to successfully solder some of the more delicate avionics hardware for Skydart-I, a reasonably decent soldering station is more or less a per-requisite to avoiding burnt hardware. Unfortunately, a decent temperature controlled soldering station is expensive. So how […]

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Out of interest – ATMega driven PAL displays

Over the past couple of weeks, some of our members have been experimenting with smaller, lower level hardware. As is common for us at GUMake and increasingly, the engineering department, it’s all based around Atmel AVR micro-controllers. The ATMega-328P in this case. As an exhibition of the more interesting by-products of investigating new solutions to […]

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Skydart-I firmware updates

With a scrubbed test launch opportunity last year, the Skydart-I payload has seen a lot of firmware updates in the meantime. Over summer, a number of full stack simulations have highlighted the need for an upgraded navigation system for returning to a safe and reachable landing zone.

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